Thursday, February 28, 2008

Polka Dots by Jenola Style!

Polka Dots

I've already listed items by this seller, what can I say? Cute stuff!

by seller Azalealane

From Donnapool

From homemadehellos

Get it together with Jenola Style!

I hope you guys don't mind me doing lots of these. This is kinda fun. This one is all about Butterflies. My daughter loves butterflies. It's the theme in her room.

For those like my daughter, who love to read.

From Junction216

A pretty necklace

From Sweet Southern Design

To display their favorite picture (her's would be of her mom)

By Whimsydaisy

Get it together with Jenola Style!

For the boys

From My Cozy Creations
From Mandy Magoo

From Graceful Babies

I'll give you the reason behind this listing. 1: none of it is in my shop.
2. I have a little guy who will be 2 next week. He loves "choo choo's" so I've searched everywhere for cute choo choo stuff.

Get it togehter with Kaytie Bugs Boutique!

I don't have anything in my store (grand opening SOON), but I still wanted to participate in the fun!

This absolutely ADORABLE set (and little princess girl) from babykaysboutique

This green bow (maybe two) from emmasboutiquebows

And what princess doesn't have a wand?? EnchangedMakeBelieve

And for the sleepy princess... a green blanket from kiwiandkiki

Green Snuggler - super soft mini blanket for your baby

Get it together with Baby Kays!

Here is my 3 piece Custom Towel Set
you can find this in my shop at for $26.50

Girls Personalized 3 Piece Towel Set....Design your own

This is a really cute Bathroom Set I found at for $23.50

And this Rose Scented Soap is a perfect touch to the collection from for only $3.50!

Rose scented decorative soap

GEt it together with Marie's Custom Boutique

4 Inch Layered Boutique Hairbow Bow

4 Inch Layered Boutique Hairbow Bow

Size 5 6 Girls Dads Shirt Dress or Tunic White with Pink Gingham

Size 5 6 Girls Dads Shirt Dress or Tunic White with Pink Gingham

Mary Jane Infant Shoe Set Custom Gift Bag

Mary Jane Infant Shoe Set Custom Gift Bag

Get it together with Tada Designs!

How about a little room decor....western theme!

Western metal dish sign from me TADADESIGNS...

Cuddle Blocks by COLBYLANEDESIGNS...

Great Tooth Fair Pillow from TOOTHLESSGRIN...

Beth Pike

TaDa! Designs

Golden, Oklahoma

Get it together with Crochet Maggie!

What a fun idea!

Okay, This head band from My Cozy Creations,

With these socks from my shop,

And this from SimpleSilhouettes,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring is here at Baby Kays Boutique!

Congratulations to Baby Kays for winning her second Featured artist theme!

She won with her entry of the striped Spring two peice outfit...

floral Striped Spring Outfit

Here are a few more things in her shop, that I thought were pretty darn adorable!!!

Cupcake A line Dress

Cupcake Twirl Dress

We all love Baby Kays Boutique She has such cute and unique things. Stop by and well... have her make something up for you!