Sunday, July 27, 2008

Making Flowers from Old Drink Cans!

Wild Flowers by FLUTTERBRUSH

This is a really simple but delightful art project for almost any age, using recycled materials. These whimsical 3-D Aluminum Can Flowers can be hung on the wall or displayed in a vase with a wire stem.

Younger kids may have trouble cutting the aluminum and hammering holes, but can get help from mom or dad. You might think that these cans would be sharp, but they are not. I've never gotten more than a scratch. The cans can be cut with scissors- even kid's scissors. I use an old pair that I don't care about. Of course, kids should always be supervised!


3 aluminum cans, different sizes (a tall can is nice to have) washed and dried

old scissors
acrylic paint and brushes
phillips screwdriver
3- 4" piece of wire for hanging


1. Cut the top off the cans:

2. Cut strips to bottom of cans- vary width and number, trim ends if you like:

3. Use hammer and screwdriver to make holes in the bottom of the can. (Put the can you are punching over a stack of newspapers so you don't damage your table.)

You will need to punch at least two holes that line up and go through all 3 cans to thread the wire through and hold them together, but don't thread them till after they are painted.

I also put decorative holes in the bottom to add interest
and layers.

Punching center decorative hole:

Only the bottom can has the threading holes punched, the other two cans still need to be lined up and punched:

4. Paint each section and let dry. I always hold one over the other to see what they will look like.

5. Thread the wire through and twist on the back to make a loop for hanging. Touch up wire with paint.

You can see the outside of the can is not painted. People are amazed when they find out what these are made of!

Hang as is on the wall, or attach to long wire and put in a pot.



Anonymous said...

that seems like a fun activity for the kids, thanks for this!

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Lars Shalom said...

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KC said...

never mind the kids, looks like fun for mom....LOL....

ענתי לנדאו - ענתי אוהבת, בלוג נשי אישי said...

that came out terrific!
thanks for sharing.

jodi french paper arts said...

fun for kids!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

This is very cool looking. I am having a "recycle your can" craft show and would love this to be linked up for my viewers to see. I hope to see your link!