Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bath Bomb Tutorial

Very Basic recipe (there are tons on the net)

  • 11/2cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • fragrance
  • water soluble dye

Measure out your baking soda in a wide container. For this tutorial i did 2 colors so just put half in each container. Mash it up to make sure its nice and smooth with no clumps or lumps. Yes i used a potatoe masher.

next add a drizzle of your water soluble dye into each container. Im using cherry and iced lemon.

Mix it really good. I use the masher to get it lightly mixed then get your hands in ther and squish it up good.

Now your ready to add your fragrance. Drizzle it in like you did with the dye and mix again. Use your hands and work it real good. Ok that makes me sound like a perv.LOL

If your adding moisturizing oils and butters you would do that now but if not move on to the next step.I didnt take a pic of this step since i only supplied with a bare basic recipe.

Now very last you want to add your citric acid. You do this so the liquids dont set of your fizzy action.

Mix it with your masher and hands again make sure there are no clumps.

Have your mold and everything ready im making tablet shapes in a pvc pipe.

Spritz your mixture with alcohol just enough to get it damp and hold together like sand.Mix it quick before it sets off the fizz.

Scoup it into your mold. i fill mine about 1/2 full which is about 4 loose tablespoons.

Smoosh it down. You want to make sure they are packed nice and tight. Unmold. Then when your all done keep them away from humidity till they dry. Do a little dance to keep the humidity gremlins away and pray they come out like this.

Of course you could just say for get it and order from me. ;o)

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