Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flower incased TuTu tutorial by Rockerchic

Flower incased TuTu Tutorial:

This tutorial and tutu is one that I made up, so it isn't "by the book". You may find better ways to make the same thing with better results....
Here is how I make them:

Buy about 3 or 4 colors of tulle. 3 or 4 yards each... it depends on how full you want the tutu.

lay the layers on the floor...still folded in half as they were on the bolt. Lay down one layer, then keep putting the others on top. When they are all layed straight... fold the layers in half lengthwise. Then pin them so they will remain straitht when sewing.

You can either at this point: make a waistband from another fabric and sew it to the top of the tulle... or just sew about an inch below the top fold to make a casing for elastic or ribbon.

When your done sewing your casing you can thread the elastic or ribbon through. Sew the elastic together or you can tie the ribbon... (the ribbon wiast is adjustable).

Then.. the top layer of tulle should still be folded at the bottom... you can cut the fold out of the OTHER layers of the skirt but KEEP THE TOP LAYER FOLDED we will use this to put our flowers in.

When you have done that... you should have your flowers or whatever you'd like to put in your skirt ready... you can put silk flowers, ribbon, bows, bells, well... anything you can think of...

Place the items in the top layer through the back that is open... they will move around but you should place them in the area you would like them to be. When you have done that.... take clear polyester thread or light fishing line and hand sew the top layer together in the back to prevent the flowers from falling out.
At this time you can sew the other layers together by hand or choose to leave them seperated in the back... either way the skirt will still function properly.

When you have sewn everything up... this should be what the finished product looks like:

If you guys want to try these, and need help... just ask! I will be glad to help you out!!!

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Happy House Quilts said...

beautiful job!!! Georgous model and stunning photography...i'm in awe!!!