Monday, November 30, 2009

"C" is for...

Remember making those "Letter of the Week" books in kindergarten? Well CST members do! Last week CST showcased our "C" creations and created our very own CST "C" Book in our "C" IS FOR... theme contest!

FlutterBaby Gifts won with her BuggieBaby Cotton RattlePillar...

"C" is for... Cute Cotton Caterpillar!!!!!

Check out FlutterBaby Gifts for more amazing and adorable crochet creations...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Week's Mom Attack Victim Is...........

Pocketful of Sunshine aka, Blessed by Baby! Maria is a faithful Cafemommer and admin for our Cafemom Street Team. Unbeknownest to her, (if that's not a word, I'm declaring it one) she was selected to be this week's Mom Attack Victim!

No, we don't horribly beat our members! Mom Attack is where we choose one unsuspecting member and 'attack' their shops--promoting, buying if possible, and overall supporting the team member!

Maria is a fabulous paper crafter and friend to the team. She helps us keep things rolling and the members motivated. I have personally used her business card holder/thank you cards and they are fabulous! Whether you need cards, business card holders, or altered paper crafts, head on over to Pocketful of Sunshine and find what you need! You can also follow her blog and find out what's new.

Here are some awesome items from Maria's Etsy Shop!

So get on over to her shop and get to looking!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

BRRRR… It’s Cold Outside!

Winter is officially upon us and CST has been braving the cold in style with this weeks theme contest "BRRRR… It’s Cold Outside!" Our winner is Hopscotch Square with her Penguin Peasant Top and Ruffled Pant Set...

Check out Hopscotch Square's shop for more fun clothing and accessories...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mom Attack Victim Is..............

The fabulous Half-Pint Creations!! This awesome Cafemommer can sew, sculpt and do just about anything she puts her mind to! Her fantastic Turkey Hat has been watched and inquired about by the likes of Martha Stewart!! This mom of two girls can get you hooked up for the holiday season with holiday themed ornaments or some cute fleece hats for your own half pint!

No matter how you swing it, there is some cuteness to be found in this shop!! So head on over to Half-Pint Creations and get your half pint on! And be sure to check out her blog also!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Have you started your holiday shopping for the naughty & nice on your Christmas list? In this weeks theme contest "DO NOT OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS!", CST showcased how we are getting ready for the holiday shopping and stocking up our shops with wonderful handmade creations for everyone on your list.

This weeks winner is CrazySocks Crochet with her Baby Santa Hat...

Check out CrazySocks Crochet's shop for more awesome hand-crocheted items...

And don't forget to use the following search tags while doing your holiday shopping
to find fabulous handmade items created by the Cafemom Street Team...

Etsy Search Tag: CafeMom Team
ArtFire Search Tag: CST Guild

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey!!!!!

CST is getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday in style with this weeks theme contest "Let's Talk Turkey!" Our winner is Half-Pint Creations with her Fleece Cooked Turkey Hat...

Make sure to check out Half-Pint Creations for more whimsical creations for your little one...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Week's Mom Attack Victim Is...........

LullabyLoft!! This super awesome Cafemommer has a lot for me to write about so I'll surely miss something! So be sure you get on over to her shops on Etsy and Artfire and check out her super cute goodies!
And her prices are amazing!! Check out this adorable PERSONALIZED set 

Or check out this ADORABLE bird bib!

The Cafemom Team is proud of it's members because we're the best darn team out there! So head on over to Lullaby Loft's shops and get to shopping!! :)