Thursday, January 31, 2008

Neck Tie Dress Tutorial by Rockerchic

You'll Need:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Neck Ties (I used about 14 for a 3t size, but had 22 on hand just in case) Oh... NOT Clip Ons!
  • Scissors
  • tailors chalk
  • imagination

Getting Started:
You'll need the following measurements:
Shoulder to Shoulder
Shoulder to desired hem

Here is how I figured mine out:

After you've figured that out... you can loosely guess how many neck ties it will take to get the measurements right.
My Chest was 22" so I needed at least 11.5 inches across the "chest" of my neck ties I think I had 7 ties on the front and 7 on the back. When your getting you ties ready to sew... remember that you'll have a tiny little seam allowance and to allow for that.

Now your ready to sew.... line the neck ties up from the bottom... line them up where the V stops and the straight line begins.

Lay them on top of each other with "right sides together".

Sew, leaving a very tiny seam allowance... sew them as close to the edge of the ties as possible... like so:

Turn them around and lay them flat... they should look like this:


I started with the center tie and then added the ties to the oustides of that...

Sew them up a little farther than your shoulder to hem measurement just to be safe.

First you'll sew th FRONT of the jumper together.. When you think you've met the half of your chest measurement then you've got enough ties for the front... you can lay that aside for now....

Starting on the back... you'll either need to add or take away a tie one more or less than the front peice. You're going to have to put in a zipper or add buttons and a button hole to the back.

I had 8 ties in the bac of mine and added buttons... I suggest you add a zipper, it would be so much easier.

Instead of starting with the center tie in the back. You'll start with the 2 center ties... you'll have 2 back peices so we can put the buttonholes or zippers in.

When you have your back done... lay all of your peices, front and back, on top of each other facing each other as you would if you were sewing them.

Now, make sure that the chest measurement is going to work, now is the time to add another tie if you need to.

then... measure your shoulder to hem measurement and mark it. When you are happy with the length... then trim off all the ends of the ties. Leave about a half to one inch so you can sew the shoulders together.

Add the zipper or buttonholes now if you like... (you can wait till your done too)

Sew the front and back together now.

When there sewn together... fold the peice in half... like so...

Now, we've got to put the armholes and neckline in there.
The easiest way to do it is to find a jumper pattern and copy that. I just cut them free hand.

When you've cut out the holes... sew the shoulders up.

You can either buy Double Fold Bias Tape or make your own. Use that to finish the neckline and armholes.

After you do that... the dress should be able to wear!

This is what you should end up with:

This is a really fun project for the beginner or the seasoned veteran. Just be sure that you have enough materials, and that your measurements are exactly right before you cut anything.

Good Luck!

Show us your pics when you make them!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Better Late than Never!!!!!

Just wanted to wish some of our CEM's a happy late January Birthday!

Creations by Toni celebrated a Birthday on January the 6th! And also celebrated her son's birthday on the 19th!

Andrea Baker had a special birthday on the 8th of January!

Both of these ladies are very special members of our CEM group and we are very thankful for them! We all sincerely hope that your special days rocked! And we want you to know how talented and special you all are!

Thanks for everything you do in our group and one more thing....


Check out These Valentine's Deals!

Daddy's Valentine Terry Cloth Outfit

Toddler Girl Hot Pink Sparkley Valentines Day Trendy Eyelash Scarf.
Toddler Girl Hot Pink Valentines Day Eyelash Scarf Sparkles

Toddler Girl Hot Pink Sparkley Valentines Day Trendy Eyelash Scarf.

Let Romance Fill the Air : A Business Card Holder


Valentine Korker Bows

Graceful Babies

Valentine custom Dress

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Win a 50% coupon to Graceful Babies Boutique!

Within the items of Graceful Babies Boutique you will find a hidden avatar like this one:

The first individual to respond to this blog in a comment with the link to the item with the hidden avatar, wins a code for a 50% coupon! The coupon is good on any ONE item, even the higher priced items!

Graceful Babies will contact the winner with the info on using the coupon!

Check out her shop! The clock is ticking!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

And the winner is:

congratulations to Baby Kays Boutique for winning the $25 gift certificate to Rockerchic.etsy!

She guessed there were 650 buttons in our Kerr Jar, and there were actually, 643! She almost had that $50 gift certificate!

Congrats again!

I'm feeling blue, Vivi Lu!

Vivi Lu Designs is our winner of the theme contest BLUE, and is our weekly featured artist!

She won the contest with her entry:

Here are some more wonderful things from her shop that I promise will not leave you feeling blue!!!

Boutique Capelet

Boutique Crochet Hat and Booties

Boutique Spring Hat

Boutique Custom Hat and Capelet

Stop by Vivi Lu Designs and check out all the fantastic things she has for girls there! You'll be glad you did!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here is a CEM Update: 1/23

Hello All!
Welcome to the CEM blog!
Here is a little update to keep everyone up to date on things!

First of all... we would like to remind everyone to start using CAFEMOM in there item's tags. It will be easier to find you all!

One of our members has opened up her second store:
LevitynBrevity has opened her 2nd store:


I encourage you all to check it out if you got a thing for vintage patterns!

Then, AndreaBaker is keeping our blog roll up to date, you can add your blog, myspace, or even cafemom to the thread to be added!

Add your blog to the blog role

And then, don't forget to stick it in your blog!
Stick this in your blog!

Also, rockerchic's contest for the $25 or $50 gift certificate to her shop is still going on until Saturday night.
You can find the contest here:
Guess how many buttons!

We'll have a new contest every Saturday night, to run for one week! Next week's contest will be from Graceful Babies Shop!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guess how many buttons, win a $25 Gift Certificate to!

Here is your chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to!

The entrant that comes closest to the number of buttons in the jar, wins! If you guess the exact amount the Gift Certificate DOUBLES! to $50!!!!!

So, Guess away!

Only guesses that are submitted on our blog (comments) are accepted as official entries.
The contest ends, Saturday, January 26th 2008. Cafemom Etsy Moms Members ARE allowed to enter as are ANY entrants...
ALL entrants MUST leave a way to be contacted if they are to win... either etsy store name or email address....

This is a LARGE MOUTH KERR Canning Jar filled with ALL my buttons.... Please guess only once per person.

So, how many do you think????

Saturday, January 19, 2008

CEM LOVES Sweet Treats for Little Feet!

The winner of The Theme LOVE, is : Pink Marshmallow ! Congratulations!

She won with her entry:
Infant Tiny Hearts Shoes

After wandering through Pink Marshmallow's feet boutique, I found all kinds of things for baby, and kids too! Just check out these beautiful baby feet!

Black White and Red with Hearts, Infant Shoes

Not only does PInk Marshmallow have things for infants, she also carries Custom shoes for kids too!

Custom, Scotty Dog Boutique Shoes

Gingham Cherries, boutique shoes

And I saved my favorite for last:

Skull and Crossbone, Boutique Flip Flops

We really have a group of talented women here at CEM, and I am amazed at every theme contest!

Flower incased TuTu tutorial by Rockerchic

Flower incased TuTu Tutorial:

This tutorial and tutu is one that I made up, so it isn't "by the book". You may find better ways to make the same thing with better results....
Here is how I make them:

Buy about 3 or 4 colors of tulle. 3 or 4 yards each... it depends on how full you want the tutu.

lay the layers on the floor...still folded in half as they were on the bolt. Lay down one layer, then keep putting the others on top. When they are all layed straight... fold the layers in half lengthwise. Then pin them so they will remain straitht when sewing.

You can either at this point: make a waistband from another fabric and sew it to the top of the tulle... or just sew about an inch below the top fold to make a casing for elastic or ribbon.

When your done sewing your casing you can thread the elastic or ribbon through. Sew the elastic together or you can tie the ribbon... (the ribbon wiast is adjustable).

Then.. the top layer of tulle should still be folded at the bottom... you can cut the fold out of the OTHER layers of the skirt but KEEP THE TOP LAYER FOLDED we will use this to put our flowers in.

When you have done that... you should have your flowers or whatever you'd like to put in your skirt ready... you can put silk flowers, ribbon, bows, bells, well... anything you can think of...

Place the items in the top layer through the back that is open... they will move around but you should place them in the area you would like them to be. When you have done that.... take clear polyester thread or light fishing line and hand sew the top layer together in the back to prevent the flowers from falling out.
At this time you can sew the other layers together by hand or choose to leave them seperated in the back... either way the skirt will still function properly.

When you have sewn everything up... this should be what the finished product looks like:

If you guys want to try these, and need help... just ask! I will be glad to help you out!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Group Update 1-17-08

Wow, can you believe it's already '08? Where has the time gone?

Wanted to throw an update out there about our Cafemom Group, Etsy Moms:

We now officially have a banner, colors, and a slogan! Hooray! We're moving right along!

Our official banner can be seen at the top of our blog: with all thanks to for designing these fantastic avatars and banners for us!
Our official colors are now Pink and Orange, and our new Slogan:

"CEM, Etsy Moms Making a Difference!"

We really pride ourselves on helping out our fellow CEM, whether it be through support, advice, or purchases.... I personally love buying from our CEM's!

This weeks theme for our Weekly featured artist contest is: BLUE
Whether it's the color blue, or it makes you feel blue... enter now, the voting will start Saturday night for next weeks feature....

Also wanted to introduce a few new members, we're really looking forward to getting to know you guys. So everyone, stop by and give a little love to our newest CEM's....









Like I said, we want to send out our warmest welcome for these new CEM's!

Don't forget to add your shop names to be added to our cafemom street team page on etsy, and feel free to jump right in and let us get to know you!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Party in Style with Baby Kays Boutique!

Congratulations to Baby Kays Boutique ( for winning our Theme, "Party in Style". Her winning entry was this beautiful applique'd and embroidered Cupcake Birthday Shirt.

These are not currently in Baby Kay's Shop but she says she can do them for a special order upon request.

I did take a while to check out her shop, and I am in love with some of her things. If you have a little girl you love dressing up... you'll love Baby Kays! Here are a few of the things I found:

I found this outfit, Perfect for Valentines!

Did I mention.... the price is only $35?! That is amazing to me, I know how much work went into this!
Girls Custom VALENTINES day twirlskirt outfit

And another Valentines outfit, this one is an adorable Romper!

Valentines Day Funky Hearts Romper

And one more for ANYDAY....

This one would be adorable for Valentines too, but after that can be worn all summer, then into the fall and winter with a long sleeve shirt underneath..... this is really more for your money!
Monogrammed A-Line hearts dress

And I saved the cutest (cutest little model btw) for last:

What Princess dosen't need this romper???
Every girl is a PRINCESS romper

I hope you guys check out Baby Kays Boutique I have personally gotten two items from her and her craftmanship is amazing... She truly is great!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This weeks Featured Cafemom Etsy Moms Artist: Graceful Babies

Graceful Babies is another of my favorites in this group!

She won the "Whatcha Got on Sale" Theme Contest with her entry of her Pillowcase Dress...

I went Snooping around her Etsy Shop and these are some of the things I found:

I found this Butterfly Romper:

You can find this romper here:
Toddler Butterfly Romper

She can make this beautiful romper for your princess in a size 12 month through 6.

And Just in time for Valentines Day:

This is such a pretty outfit with a Peasant style top and capris. I love the way the red just jumps off the black!
This outfit is available in a size 6 months through 7.
You can find this listing here:
Asian Inspired Peasant Tunic and Capri

Then I found this really cool item for Mommas!

You can find Belly Hugs here:
Belly Hugs

I am so amazed at this product... here is a little of what the creator has to say about them:

"-Graceful Babies Belly Hugs can hold your pants up, hide unfastened buttons and help smooth a postpartum belly. Now, no one has to know your pants are undone or loose.

-Perfect for when pregnant, post-partum and after cesareans. Belly Hugs are so comfortable that its like your belly is getting a hug all day!
-Use when nursing to cover you belly when feeding your baby. Cover the gaps between tops and bottoms.
-Use them to make your pre-maternity clothes last longer, or even with your regular wardrobe for your whole pregnancy. Looks like your layering your clothes, which is in style right now!
-Beginning to breast feed or ending? Use a Belly Hug to help soothe those engorged breasts!"

And by the way, I just want to mention, how small her waist is after having kids!!!
I'm jealous!!!

You guys be sure to check out

Her store is chocked full of Mommy Goodness!

Friday, January 4, 2008

We're all Official and Stuff!

Hooray for us!

Cafemom Etsy Moms Group has been officially recognized by Etsy as a "Street Team".

We have our own official Street Team page and all!

We still need a volunteer to create a banner and icon for our new group page on Etsy.

Also, if you would like your name added to the official Etsy Page, you have to leave your name here in this thread:

I'm so happy that we are finally recognized as the terrific group of women that we are!