Saturday, March 29, 2008

This weeks featured artist: The Eli Monster!

This weeks winner of the theme "Pretty in Punk" is TheEliMonster!!!

Congratulaions to her! She has a shop full of punky stuff for the youngins!

She won with her entry:
Girly Goth Diaper

And Punk Rock AIO Diaper:

Here are some more things I just LOVED, when I visited her shop!!

Speedy Pants AIO Diaper

And look at this cutie!

Print Diaper Cover (with choice of fabric)

Here are the fabric choices (as if this one isn't cute enough!)

Here is a little description from The Eli Monster's Store...

"Diaper covers are the perfect thing for you! Our covers feature lovely designer prints on the outside while still keeping moisture inside. Aplix (Velcro) closures give our covers almost unlimited flexibility in fit (I've even added some extra loop tape to one flap for those ultra-skinny babies).

Generous in fit, these will cover almost any prefold or fitted diaper while still remaining trim in appearance. And so soft! These covers are much softer than the thick, crunchy diaper covers found in most stores.

It's three layers- a waterproof laminate between two layers of cotton. No more PUL clinging to baby's skin; the inner layer is soft knit poly, which is lovely, but because it is soft, it also gets a bit damp inside when the diaper is saturated. This means that you need a fresh cover a bit more often a when using this cover to avoid odors. Just rotate the cover during daily use".

elp save the Earth by using economical, money saving... Earth Friendly, AIO diaper covers from The Eli Monster!!!

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