Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Won Patches!

Hey Amanda, thanks for entering to win Patches, the psychedelic Love Owl!

Heres what she had to say about buying handmade:

Amanda said...

I buy handmade for so many reasons.

1) I hate mass produced products;

2) I hate Chinese sweatshops even more;

3) I don't like not knowing where my stuff came from... who suffered for it... even if the person who made it wasn't a child, were they paid appropriately for there time? Were they abused in the process?

4) I like unique things;

5) I like supporting the US economy... and just about the only things made in the USA these days are handmades;

6) In many cases, handmades are better quality... sellers want repeat business, they want people to spread word about there shop... so they do ther very best to make a top notch product;

7) You can count on a handmade to not contain harmful chemicals like lead paint... or food products to contain enough preservatives to keep a dead person looking good for 20 years (like most prepackaged foods in our supermarkets).

8) I like to think that my purchases are helping someone directly... whether it be enabling someone to be a SAHM or helping someone pay that past due light bill. I know that my money isn't going to some fat cat executive that's making 6 or 7 figures.... it's going straight to the person who made the lovely item. I think that's about it... I'm sure there are more reasons but these are the ones that scream the loudest.


Amanda said...

Yaaay! Thanks!!

EBSpider said...

Great reasons for buying handmade!