Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flutterbrush is Out of this World!

Every week, We here at Cafemom Street Team have a "Theme Challenge". This challenge is a random topic, that our members submit items in their stores or sold items to compete in a group vote!

This Week our Theme was: OUTER SPACE
And let me tell you, it was a hard vote for me because there were so many wonderful items to chose from!
The Winner of this Weeks Theme, Outer Space was one of our friendliest members, FLUTTERBRUSH!

Kris entered the below print "Space Surfin' " and quickly rose to the top of the votes!

As I took a look around Kris's Shop to see what she had in there (this wasn't my first trip, I'll promise you that!) I found some things I absolutely fell in love with! Like this Oinker right here:

Its amazing how each of her illustrations tells a story! It isn't necessary to even have words or a book to go along... You can see all the detail and whimsy each one of her pieces and you begin to create the story in your mind....

And the last illustration of Kris's I will share is this Way TOO cute mousey spinning around in the spring blossoms! Its really awesome the way she did this illustration... It almost makes me dizzy, as if I too were spinning along with this adorable spring mouse!

I hope you will take the time to browse around Kris's Shop, Flutterbrush and enjoy all the tales of wonder in her illustrations! Each click is a new story!

Also, like I said earlier... There were lots and lots of entries in our theme contest. And I had a personal favorite entry.... And I'm going to give her a "honorable mention" simply because she deserves a spot on the blog!

This is Karin AKA Princess BatikBags!

The force will be with you when you wear these super awesome technologically advanced pads.
Softer than a Wookiee these pads are not only comfortable but also offer superior protection. Go ahead: WEAR WHITE!
Saving the universe starts right here with reusable menstrual pads. I am not kidding. Ask Yoda!

Don't forget to Search the tag: "Cafemom Team" (with the quotations) to ensure your getting quality homemade items, from amazing mom artisans!


TurtleMommy said...

awesome blog! love them both!

Cozy Cabin Creations said...

big fan of Flutterbrush!!!!

glutenfreegirl said...

ROFL!! LOVE IT! I love flutter brush's paintings and that pic is the bomb!