Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Team Member WeeKnit!!

Wee Knit is a mother-daughter team that makes the cutest little finger puppets! In our Cafemom Group, we love trying to guess who their new sets are!

Here's their bio:

WeeKnit consists of me (Jenny) and my mom (Tracy). We have been creating our knit creations in the picturesque mountains of Pleasant View, Utah since 1981.

In order to introduce you to WeeKnit, really I need to introduce you to my mom, Tracy. Tracy is the mastermind behind WeeKnit. We call her the chief “knit”wit. She is the designer and creator of the wonderful creations you’ll find here at WeeKnit. And while she would blush and deny my claim, she is indeed one of the most creative and hardest-working people I know.

For decades, she has been transforming the people, animals, and characters that children love into adorable finger puppets. What originally started out as a few neighborhood boutiques quickly evolved into a full-fledge business. And without looking back, she has been knitting ever since.

So please feel comfortable when you purchase from WeeKnit because we believe you are getting the best of both worlds. We are a business that prides itself on being professional and dependable. Yet we haven’t forgotten that much of our appeal is that we are the “small guy” producing quality handmade products. So please take a moment and look around our fun and imaginative world of knit creations.

You can find WeeKnit on Etsy HERE, and Artfire HERE

Here are a few of my favorite sets!

5 Little Monkeys

Superhero Set

Monsters Set

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