Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winner of "The Best Thing I Made This Year"

is me! :)

I feel so silly blogging about myself...but this is my entry to the contest, and my reason WHY I thought it was the best thing I made.

This Gray Ribbon Brain Cancer Awareness Lap Quilt is my proudest shop-related sewing item this year! I was very nervous about making a quilt to sell, as I had only done ones for me and my family in the past....and this one sold almost as soon as it was went to a woman to give to her Mother in Law, who had just recently lost her brother to Brain Cancer, and the customer told me it would "warm those who are remembering a loved one".....It brought tears to my eyes....and the best part was that the fabrics themselves are from a Charity line of fabrics, so the money I spent to purchase them went to Cancer Research, then the profit I made off of it was donated to the American Brain Tumor Association...double charity donations! I can't help but smile when I see this quilt! And I completely plan to make more :)

My Shop is on vacation mode still, but once its back up and running you can click HERE to find me!

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