Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Favorite Fabric store

I know there are a lot of fabric stores out there on line, tons maybe, but if you dont mind I would like to share this site with you. I love this store because of their wide selection of fabric and designers. Selection ranges anywheres from 3 Sisters to Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry to Free Spirit, Marcus Brothers to Tula Pink. Before I forget to mention the name of the site... This store is great, prompt shipping, courteous people, and a great feature. This great feature is called the design cart. If you find a fabric you love, you put it in this tool and as you browse through the other fabric looking for fabrics that compliment this other fabric, browsing through other designers, manufacturers, colors, themes, no matter where you go that fabric stays in that little feature at the front page and you dont have to go back flipping through looking for that one again later to do comparison, it is right there, no changing tabs, putting it to your favorites or anything. In my opinion this feature is great (or I am easily amused) as a quilter and a clothemaker this is a great asset, makes my shopping a lot easier.'s main goal is to become a valueable source for quality quilting supplies, information and inspiration. Now on the downside this site does not offer Michael Miller fabrics. and that is the only qualm I have with this site. But honestly I can get that from another site so that really isnt that big of a problem. Another thing I like about this site is if you spend more than $150, you get free shipping. This is awesome in my opnion becasue I can easily spend tht much money just to make one quilt. Personally I love this site, and havent found a serious flaw with it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have, if you choose to take a look at it.

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Anonymous said...

I have run myself ragged trying to find fabric, going from store to store to store. I usually do most of my fabric shopping now online at a store called

Dont know if any of you have goine there but they have incredibly hih end fabric and most of the time there is a sale going on.

if you want to have a peek click on the following link......sorry if it doesnt work...not my area of expertise.......