Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gift Review One of Many....

One of the COOL things about being a CEM Member is GETTING FREE STUFF! We are such a helpful, awesome, group of gals... that a few of our girls are/were "knocked up" and we thought it would be awesome to send them all gift baskets... so they can use and review our handmade items.

They were ALL totally stoked about it, including the gifters! So, here is the first in a series of reviews for one of our Basket Gifts... This one was for A Girl basket (we had 2 girl baskets) This review is of Ali Bug Bows


Since I've never had a girl before I actually have never seen this type of headband before. The band is super soft and super stretchy. This one should last through many, many growth spurts! What's especially neat about this one is that the bow is actually not part of the headband but a separate clip, allowing you to exchange it for a different one.

Ali Bug Boutique sent a second bow in a different color with this one already! Since the babies in my family tend to be somewhat bald I figured our little one couldn't wear her bows anytime soon but with this clever headband/clip combo our little baldie will be stylin' from the get go!

I love the brown and pink color combination on this clip! It's another item from Ali Bug Boutique Bows and I know this item will make my life so much easier. In fact I am already using it!

We don't actually 'do' pacifiers but I love it already. We cloth diaper and so I carry a pretty big diaper bag with me whenever I go anywhere. It's roomy but it's like a black hole for car keys and other small things. I am using this paci clip as a leash for my car keys in my diaper bag and it works great! Even though the paci clip is really light weight (perfect for the original use intented!) the clip itself is very dependable and makes it a breeze to retrieve my keys in a stylish way. You know it's going to keep the paci securely attached if it can hold car keys.

Thank You, Ali Bug Boutique Bows!

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