Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Gear: Fab Stuff Made by Real Moms (featured on CAFEMOM)

Baby Gear: Fab Stuff Made by Real Moms

Photo by aebaby

I have to say, it's been wonderful to explore all of the cool stuff happening on CafeMom! There are so many great groups and stories and moms to meet. My friend Cafe Sheri, who is also the Home & Garden blogger, told me about CafeMom Etsy Moms -- and I'm so impressed with them! Some of these fabulous mamas are creating beautiful things that you need for your baby -- you've gotta check it out.

Etsy connects people (like me!) willing to lay down cash for cool handmade stuff with the artists that create it -- and there's a gang of these mamas here on CafeMom. aebaby makes beautiful baby things -- diaper and wipes holders, blankets, toys, super-cool car seat covers -- that I covet. Also, I'm just amazed with her incredible DIY talent! I asked her a few questions about what she does and why:

How did you get started making baby things?

"It was a natural to begin making baby things when it became near and dear to my heart almost six years ago with the birth of my son. I love the whimsy and freedom that comes with being a child; polka dots, fairy princesses, and silly elephants. I'm a stay-at-home mom with two energetic preschoolers and the aunt of a crowd ranging from 8 months to 4 years -- and I love sewing for children!"

How long have you been doing it?

"I've always been sewing. As a child working on a simple pillow, through college making extra spending money tailoring, then making baby blankets, Cinderella ball gowns, and toys for my family. I love the challenge of creating and learning and making new things. I also draw on my degree in recreation, knowing how children play and interact with their world and others during the different stages of development helps."

What's your absolute favorite thing that you've made so far?

"Every new thing I make is my favorite; they are always being replaced with the next creation. My kids have their favorites -- my daughter loves the Sugar Cookie Bake Set and my son loved a Frog Chair I made."

What about you? Are you a DIY-queen (or wannabe)? Are you making something for your baby-on-the-way? Tell us about your creative side in the comments below.

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