Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Looking For Halloween Costumes?

So... Your like me... the last minute person.... Searching through your local Wal-Mart... Looking for whats left of the Halloween Costumes? And you pass up on the Dorothy that looks she was from "the wrong side of the yellow brick road" and put back the $30 Made in China Bumble Bee Costumer that looks something like Charlie Brown's Shirt with that squiggly line.....

So, here you are... searching Etsy... looking for that PERFECT costume... The one you know that your little angel (or devil) Will just love!

So... I'm here to help you out! Here are some awesome costumes, that are ready by Halloween made by some Cafemom Etsy Moms!

This is a Spooky Gothic Bat Girl Costume by Tiara's Tutus. Which also happens to be one of my NEW favorite Etsy Sellers at the moment. I love the purples and teals in the tutu along with those tiny, adorable bat wings! What a creative momma!

Ah, and heres another cutie in Tulle! Trinity's Tutus has this adorable made to order Tinkerbell Tutu Dress. It is absolutely full to the brim of pretty shades of green tulle! Big pink flowers and a big pink ribbon set this costume off perfectly!

One of the more eclectic shops on Etsy... and believe me, I mean that in the MOST respectful way! Another Favorite Seller, Pumpkinhaus! This is her "Frou Frou Skirt" . Made from Witchy Fabric and full of color, and texture! What Little Girl wouldn't LOVE wearing this for Hallowen? It will be perfect for the skirt of a Witch's costume, or even something cute to wear over leggings when going out! Be sure to check out Pumpkinhaus' shop for all kinds of cool, kooky, and "Hey, I never thought of that" kind of stuff!

And Just in Case you haven't had your daily dose of ADORABLE! Here is a Totally Cute idea and tutu by Maggie's Rose Garden! Any mom who is ANY mom has heard of Gymboree, and we all have seen the adorable lines of matching clothes they have. Well, Maggie's has come up with such an adorable tutu to put your little punkin' in for halloween!

I just love how the tutu goes so perfectly with the pumpkin hat, tights, and sweater. If you haven't got that costume yet, you have got to hit up Gymboree, and Maggie's Rose Garden!

And of course, I will add my Halloween Costume Too! Just to give a spin on the everyday tutu, I, Rockerchic, have added large wire ribbon and strips of fabric for a completely shabby look!

This is my favorite Tutu in my shop with purple spider web fabric, and white with black polka dot fabric... along with black tulle and a spider wire ribbon for a totally spooky look!

This is a SMALL taste of what our CEMs have to off you for halloween this year. Throughout our shops we have clothing, costumes, jewelry, and home decor for Halloween, Fall, and all year round!

While your browsing etsy, make sure you search for the tag "cafemom team" you'll be so glad you did!

Hope you all have a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN! Lots of Handmade Love and Wishes for a Safe Halloween from all the super cool Chics over at Cafemom Etsy Moms Street Team!

Kristie (aka Rockerchic)


Erk N' Jrk Creations said...

It just doesn't get any cuter!

William said...
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MadeByJade said...

These are so great! I was inspired by them to make costumes for my teen daughters. I'm having a blast.

Heather said...

Awesome as always CEM's!!!

Whimsical Creations said...

How cute are those!!