Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steps to Success with Cafemom and Etsy

If your wondering how Cafemom Etsy Moms will help you promote your shop, aebaby has set up a simple guideline to go buy for Sure Success!
Thank you!!!

Cafemom is a great site with hundreds of moms! Use it.

1. Always add a click-able signature. If people need to hunt for your shop they will give up. Make it easy for shoppers to view what you have. You can adjust your cafemom setting to always include your signature by checking the box under signatures in your profile. As well, make sure your signature is small enough that cafemom will use it as a default so everyone can see it.

2. Add an Etsy widget and put it near the top of your home page. People who happen to drop by (for instance when playing a scavenger hunt) can see what you sell on Etsy. ( at the top toolbar select cafemom, then widgets, then buy + sell, then Etsy- add your Etsy mini you created in your Etsy shop)

3. #2 said- you can't make your home page private. Don't put things on that you don't want others to know- for instance you can't see my children unless you are a friend. All of the wonderful widgets and photos will do nothing for your shop if it can't be seen.

4. Upload photos to the cafemom group. #1 we want to see them, #2 all the other mommies of cafemom will see them, click and then take a look at your other photos since we are nosy by nature! Always make it easy for others to navigate to your shop with easy clicks.

5. In your Etsy listings, always add "cafemom team" in your tags! ( you know the tag is the descriptions part- children, toy, blanket, cafemom team...) We want to search and shop with our sisters, and we can't find you unless we really hunt, so make it easy for us to buy! If you don't already slip that cafemom team tag in!

6. and last but not least, Be shameless- when I buy supplies from anyone (ebay or etsy) I always include a link showing how I will use their supplies. Funny enough this has gotten me two sales. I also let my kids wear or take things I've made to playgroups and give them as birthday gifts, then when moms ask about them I say "oh that, I made that and sell it in my shop on Etsy. Oh never heard of Etsy, let me tell you..."

Just a few of my thoughts- sorry it's so long- Any other ideas?

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