Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Could WIN! Patches the Psychedelic LOVE OWL!

We here at Cafemom Etsy Moms, would like to know WHY you buy handmade!

And to find out, we're willing to send you some Good Luck in LOVE!

To Win Patches, the Psychedelic Love Owl, Please leave a comment stating WHY you buy handmade. Put as much or as little as you would like in your entry. We (the panel of CEM admin) will pick the winner based on the BEST answer!

Da Rules:
Anyone can enter
You can only enter once per screen name
You MUST leave an email address or Etsy username to be contacted by if you do win
You can only enter HERE... on the CEM Blog, No where else!
Contest will run through August 2nd 2008 at Midnight
Contest Winner will be announced August 3rd 2008 by 3:00pm EST

Heres Patches:

Patches the Psychedelic Love Owl

Patches the Psychedelic Love Owl


Meet Patches! He's the Psychedelic Love Owl!

Patches is made from Fleece, Felt, and Cotton Fabrics. Handmade by me on my sewing machine and by hand. Patches measures 12 inches across and 9 inches from top to bottom.

He has a pink "tail" with patches on his backside, and hearts and patches on his tummy too!

Patches is a great gift for young or old. There are no buttons or items that will pose choking hazards for young children and he's a great companion for older kids... or adults for that matter!
Patches will make a great gift for that friend that needs someone to keep a watchful eye on their love life! Or needs good luck in that area!

**Patches in Donated by rockerchic over at****


Deja said...

Knowing that someone took the time and effort to make something that would never have existed if they hadn't had the idea that no one else had is an amazing thing to me. Mass produced items don't give you the same satisfaction of that one of a kind item you buy and brag endlessly to people about.

Barbie said...

i buy handmade b/c it's not a mass produced product. it's made with care and love. a bonus to buying handmade is you know where it's made and who crafted it. it's got a face, so to speak. also, kristie has such talent and her work rocks!

Whimsical Creations said...

I buy handmade because I appreciate how much work went into each extraordinary piece. Everything is extra special when it's handmade.

=) melanie

shishie said...

If my child puts something in his or her mouth bought on Etsy, I am pretty confident they will not get lead poisoning. Most of the things purchased are OOAK. I want to teach my children how to express themselves through the arts, Etsy is a good place to start. Help the Economy in the good ol' U S of A.

The Mommy said...

I love Patches!!!!!

I like to buy handmade because I like giving my business to Americans instead of buying something made in a sweatshop in China or wherever else... Of course, I buy from other countries on Etsy and I realize it's not just a US thing. But if I can, instead of getting that 'whatever it might be' item from Wal Mart, I try to buy it from an Etsy seller. It just means more to me and I treasure these items so much. For example, I have a tiny, tiny shard of soap in my bathroom that I got from Etsy. I can't use it, obviously, but it breaks my heart to think about throwing it away! So it sits there because I think about the person who made it. I'm a sap.

Amanda said...

I buy handmade for so many reasons. 1) I hate mass produced products; 2) I hate Chinese sweatshops even more; 3) I don't like not knowing where my stuff came from... who suffered for it... even if the person who made it wasn't a child, were they paid appropriately for there time? Were they abused in the process? 4) I like unique things; 5) I like supporting the US economy... and just about the only things made in the USA these days are handmades; 6) In many cases, handmades are better quality... sellers want repeat business, they want people to spread word about there shop... so they do ther very best to make a top notch product; 7) You can count on a handmade to not contain harmful chemicals like lead paint... or food products to contain enough preservatives to keep a dead person looking good for 20 years (like most prepackaged foods in our supermarkets). 8) I like to think that my purchases are helping someone directly... whether it be enabling someone to be a SAHM or helping someone pay that past due light bill. I know that my money isn't going to some fat cat executive that's making 6 or 7 figures.... it's going straight to the person who made the lovely item. I think that's about it... I'm sure there are more reasons but these are the ones that scream the loudest.

Cozy Cabin Creations said...

Because nothing says more than giving or receiving a gift that is handmade from the heart. Handmade items take time, they are unique, one of a kind in most cases and to know someone put a lot of heart, time and effort into something...must mean it is special!

Anonymous said...

I buy homemade because you can see and feel the love. My daughter prefers the things that have been homemade as well! I give her toys I have bought at the store and she does not touch them play with them, then I give her things that have been handcrafted and she eats them up, figuratively and literally! I just love to feel the energy! I love knowing that someone out there is making something so special to share!

Anonymous said...

We've gotten a winner....