Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet 7PolkaDots!

My name is Chassity and I'm an Army Wife and mom to a beautiful little girl and have a boy on the way. I've always loved to create things and draw since as long as I can remember.

My mother taught me to crochet and knit at a very young age because it was the only way she could get any time to finish her own projects. My younger sisters and I would constantly interrupt her and ask her what she was doing. She figures that by teaching us how to do it we might sit still for a while, something every mother loves, LOL. I crocheted on and off while I was growing up but couldn't make more than a blanket or something flat. Being pregnant with my daughter made me want to share the love I felt for crocheted work with my baby by making her blankets, hats, and booties. While searching for patterns I could use to make these items I came across the wonderful world of amigurumi. I had never heard of it and was amazed by some of the work that I had seen online. There is such a large community out there and I just fell in love with it all. By working on free patterns that I had found online I was able to see how they were constructed and learned so much more about crochet and about myself. Since then I have learned to create my own patterns and create things I really love. My daughter has really been my inspiration in it all and I just love to create for her. If she wouldn't play with it then I wouldn't sell it. Her little hands inspire to me to try new things and see what she likes.

I really feel that crochet can create special memories that you can cherish forever, and I love to be able to give that to others. Every time I look at something that I've created, like a baby blanket for my daughter, I think not only of the time I spent making it but also the time I spent using it with my daughter. There's something very special about things that are made with love, which I pour into everything I make.

Not to long ago I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome due to my passion for needlework and since have had to slow down with my favorite pastime. Gripping the needles had become painful but I don't think I could live without crocheting. Giving it up entirely just isn't an option for me. Now I love to try to incorporate my crochet with other work that I love to do, like painting wooden objects. There's so much to explore and I now hope to be able to share that with you in my shop.

You can find Chassity HERE!

And as always, here's a few of my personal favorites from her shop!

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