Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Bugsie of Cardiology!

Hi, I'm Bugsie, aka Michelle.

My previous handmade wares have included everything from purses to pillows to PJs and now I am simply doing back-flips about my latest creative endeavor! These handmade cards fashioned from all recycled and reused materials are, well ... so ME! I love vintage and I love letter writing! I like the idea that the cards are recycled AND pretty at the same time. Kind of girly and green all at once! Let's just say girlygreen! And I adore making them!

After spending my entire life in California, I moved to Texas with my husband and daughter almost 13 years ago. It has been a great experience for us, we've made wonderful friends here, and it's been a place where I have enjoyed so much creative layering.

A perfect day for me means spending hours and hours in my workshop (you should see's really cool!) fueling my soul through creative work. Dogs snoring at my feet. Sunlight falling across my worktable spread with scraps of lovely old linens and bits of embroidery. It is my wish that you will enjoy my Cardiology line of stationery as a way to breathe life back into the art of letter writing, go green while you're at it, and with the help of a little postage stamp, sprinkle a few kind words around the planet.

A few of my favorite items from her shop!

Fall Cards
Watch Ring

And these adorable quilted tags!!

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