Friday, April 4, 2008

aeBaby, where do you find your inspiration???

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere but mostly my children, ages 3 and 5. So many times I hear "Hey mama, can we...?" "Hey let's do..." and off we go. We start with a simple idea and expand it to be more than just a game or toy. The process becomes an experience where fun and adventure is the goal.

My First Bake Shoppe - Felt Play Set for Preschool

I have a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and use it everyday with my kids. ( Yeah explain to your parents your majoring in recreation- ha) This background taught me that every toy and game should do more. It should teach, it should allow for exploration and creativity it should be fun and it should not need batteries!

Taggie Blanket with Satin and Minkee ages 6 months+

I look around and see what my kids want and they help me make something good into something wonderful. They love to pick out fabrics and match colors. They want fun but also beauty, and fabrics to delight the sense of touch; super soft cottons, plush minkees, smooth satin.

(What toddler doesn't love to have something a little special just for them? What mommy either?)

Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover

Other than my children the inspiration for my shop is simple. Moms and kids want beautiful things that will inspire, be cherised and last.

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