Friday, April 4, 2008

CinnamonSpice, how does your shop help others??

t's been wonderful reading all the posts about sources of inspiration. I wanted to share how my site helps others. I know many of us have a gazillion photos of those "Awwwww" moments, like baby's first steps or baptisms, holidays etc. stuffed away in boxes, old magnetic photo albums, under the bed, you name it! How many moms really want to haul out those photos, sort them and then create an album or spend a small fortune on a traditional album to put the pictures in? Better yet, how many have the time, especially us crafty mommas. Well, my shop offers a variety of handmade items but I specialize in pre-made mini scrapbooks, I guess you could say I'm crazy about my minis! I love creating a mini for just the right occasion, like the birth of a new baby.

Baby boy "My Word" Album

All a mom would need to do is choose the right photos, add them to the album and journal or write interesting tidbits on the journaling cards provided. I will even add the photos (free for Etsymoms through Mother's Day) if you email or snailmail them to me!

Baby shower favor tins

Scrapbooking isn't just for albums! I enjoy seeing what other types of altered art I can use my scrapbooking for. These are baby shower tins which, along with birth announcements, scrapbook and/or picture frame will be part of a baby shower in a bag bundle due out soon.

My albums really do become heirloom pieces. They are made from photo safe materials and can be passed on to your kids, their kids and on...preserving your family's photographic history so to speak. I get so excited when I get the design of an album right. Some might thing scrapbooking is not art, but to put together just the right mix of colors and patterns and techniques I think requires an artistic eye.

I love doing custom work and will be adding more examples of what I can create to meet any momma's tastes. I will be designing some items that are a bit more contemporary than "cute". The other huge way we help others is by donating a percentage of our proceeds to the which works to save the lives of children living with AIDS/HIV.

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Andrea Baker said...

I love the Huge Word Albums! They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Great work!